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Iron gate - TPS Electric Gates

Benefits of Having an Automated Gate

An automated gate not only offers added protection, it also adds value to your home. With the recent pace of technology, automated gates are being...

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Automatic Gate - TPS Electric Gates

Tips for Maintaining your Automatic Gate

Having an automated gate in your house does not only add protection to your home, it also adds to the aesthetic value of your property. Installing an...

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automatic-gates - TPS Electric Gates

Adding value with automatic gates

What links Theresa May, David Beckham and Sir Bruce Forysthe? They all live behind exclusive automatic gates that give them privacy, exclusivity and...

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large-electric-gates - TPS Electric Gates

Why larger properties need electric gates

If you own a larger property or a property with a significant amount of land, you should consider investing in electric gates immediately. Of course,...

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perfect-electric-gates - TPS Electric Gates

Do you want perfect electric gates?

At the time of writing, we’re in the first month of a brand new year. The crisp January air carries an unmistakable frisson of optimism and...

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wooden-electric-gates - TPS Electric Gates

Revamping your garden?

Revamping Your Garden? Spring is traditionally the time of year when we look at the outside of our property and start creating a list of things to do...

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