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Why larger properties need electric gates

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If you own a larger property or a property with a significant amount of land, you should consider investing in electric gates immediately. Of course, electric gates are a great addition to any home, but they’re particularly well-suited to big properties. They offer three major benefits to large property-owners, which we’ll discuss today.

1. They can match the size of your driveway

Traditionally, gates are placed across a property’s driveway, as this is the most convenient position. However, larger properties have wider driveways, which can be a problem. Traditional gates have to be opened manually, which requires a degree of physical strength. This means that there’s a limit to the size manual gates can be. They aren’t suitable for wide driveways because they’d have to be excessively large and would be too difficult to open and close. This isn’t a problem with electric gates, because they are moved by motors and don’t require physical strength to open and close. They can be as wide as your driveway.

2. They can help secure your property

If you’ve worked hard throughout your life so you can afford your dream home, you deserve to feel secure. Unfortunately, larger properties are more likely to be targeted by burglars and other criminals because they are more likely to contain high-value items. Electric gates can help to secure your home because they’re almost impossible to force open and can be closed remotely if necessary (as discussed in our blog entry ‘how electric gates can protect you in an emergency’). If you want to defend your property and feel secure, it’s worth investing in electric gates.

3. They give your property an extra pinch of luxury

Living in a large, elegant property can be amazing, especially if you’re able to afford that property thanks to years of focus and dedication. So why should you settle for gates that don’t add anything to the luxurious experience of owning your dream home? Electric gates swing gracefully open at the touch of a button, thereby adding that extra hint of refinement and sophistication to your property.

If you’re ready to invest in electric gates for your property, get in touch with us ASAP.