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Electric Gates Bristol

Electric Gates Bristol

Our electric gates and installation service are available in Bristol, for multiple sectors including domestic, school and commercial properties – plus many more. Our array of expertise covering a wide range of industries means we have a comprehensive selection of specifications and designs you can choose from, to meet your individual needs and requirements. 

TPS Electric Gates

Who Are We?

Since our establishment in the early 2000s, TPS Gates and Doors has been consistently at the forefront of providing quality products and services to customers for over 20 years. Our customers will always find what they need conveniently and will always be able to source what they require promptly. 

Benefits of Electric Gates

Electric gates are a great security option for whatever property you want to enhance the security features of. When considering a suitable gate for your requirements, we recommend looking at all options, including electric, to ensure 100% satisfaction with your new gate.

Wooden Gates 48 - TPS Electric Gates

Aluminium Gates Bristol

Aluminium gates merge durability and elegance, reflected in our exquisite range. 

For the homeowner looking for something that’s both resilient and sophisticated, this could be the answer. TPS’s aluminium gates are known for their exceptional longevity as they’re resistant to rust, corrosion and harsh weather conditions. 

With our aluminium gates you’ll get a functional piece of art that complements the architectural beauty of your property, customised to suit your style preferences with a touch of sophistication mixed with enhanced security.

Wooden Gates

Wooden gates offer a unique, timeless charm that serve as more than just entry points to the property, but a complementary structure of elegance and natural beauty. 

TPS’s wooden gates provide a warm and inviting ambiance to your property, and a versatile choice for various architectural and landscape designs. We offer designs from rustic to contemporary and any in between. Create a proper sense of welcoming for residents and guests alike with a wooden gate from TPS.

Wooden Gates 27 - TPS Electric Gates
Open steel gates with scenic view

Steel Gates

Steel gates offer an unmistakable vision of strength and security. Ours stand tall as the epitome of reliability, from being crafted with robust steel to their top-tier engineering, they’re a great choice for enhanced protection to your property in Bristol. 

While our steel gates are designed with security as the top priority, we don’t compromise on aesthetics. Just like all the various gates we have, they fully customisable to your property’s specific requirements, so they’re a testament to the perfect balance between safety and visual appeal.  

Sliding Gates Bristol

Sliding gates are the embodiment of modern convenience, offering a space-saving and eye-catching entrance option for your property. They don’t require the same clearance area that swing gates do, making them perfect for properties with smaller driveways or landscaping constraints.

Like all our gates, they are precision engineered to ensure smooth and effortless operation while being customisable to suit your personal style or project requirements. 

Sliding Gate 4 - TPS Electric Gates

Why Choose Us? 

We meticulously source our products from reliable suppliers and manufacturers, guaranteeing that you receive materials that meet industry standards and perform reliably. Moreover, we owe our longevity to our team of experts in the industry, who stand ready to offer their invaluable advice, guidance and well-informed recommendations, ensuring you make the right choices for product selection, project planning and compliance with local regulations. 

Premium Design

Our electric gates are designed specifically for your needs.

Quality Support

We offer full support for your newly fitted gate.


All work Guaranteed in line with regular servicing & maintenance.

Build Quality

Our electric gates are built to ISO 13857 standards.

View our work

You can browse our range of wooden gates or create a bespoke gate to your specifications. Whether you have a design in mind or need a guiding hand to offer impartial advice our team of experienced technicians will be happy to help.

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