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Electric Wooden Gates Gloucester

Nothing adds class and distinction to an entrance like a large pair of close-boarded electric wooden gates. Electric wooden gates can beautifully complement your property as well as add to its privacy and security. We can supply and automate any design from the traditional farm-type to chic modern styles..

Whichever style you choose we strongly recommend using a close-grained hardwood such as Iroko. It is long-lasting and resistant to movement and splitting. Rest assured that all our hardwood timber is only obtained from certified sustainable sources. Our experience and impartial advice will make sure our high-quality powerful operators give you many years of trouble-free service.

Wooden Gate Installation

Our timber gates can be manufactured as side gates, driveway gates and wooden garden gates to offer a wide range of options for your property thanks to their versatility in design. The installation process starts with an initial visit or call where we can discuss the requirements, budget and style of gates you would like to invest in. We’ll then carry out a site survey to obtain measurements and assess the location and environment we’re working in before the creative part of delivering several designs based on our discussions. Taking on board your inspiration and aspirations each and every one of our designs is unique and bespoke to you.

Using the finest materials from hand-selected manufacturers we’ll produce the gates in our dedicated workshop where all wood treatments and sealants will be applied to protect the gates for years to come. Once the site has been prepared and any previous gates removed it’s time to install your new gates by placing sturdy posts and pillars, hardware and locks for complete security. We’ll provide expert guidance on how to maintain your new gates and offer a call-out service if any issues arise.

Benefits of Wooden Gates

Elegant from top to bottom, wooden gates offer a versatile look for both modern and traditional buildings whilst offering several advantages which make them a great investment.

  • Customised Look – From size to shape & design, your tailor-made gates are produced in line with your style whilst offering warmth & character to your home with a variety of wood types & finishes.
  • Durable – A long-lasting material, we’ll guide you on which choice is best to ensure resistance from insects & decay.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Sourced from sustainable forests using eco-friendly practises, wood is a biodegradable & recyclable material that makes it an environmentally sound option.
  • Maintenance – Unlike other materials wooden gates are easier to repair & with proper care such as regular sealing & staining, will look their best all year round.
  • Secure – Produced with high-quality locks & latches we ensure that our gates provide a strong level of security. 
Wooden Gates 11 | TPS Electric Gates
Wooden Gates 25 - TPS Electric Gates

Automatic Wooden Gates

Seamlessly open your wooden gates at the touch of a button with our automated solutions. Installed with an automated motor for extra security and ease of operation, TPS can produce your new gates with this option or request that your existing gates have the device installed. From slide gates to swing gates, automated gates add sophistication to your Gloucester property and can increase its overall value. We’ll take care of the mechanics and can also provide a maintenance service if an issue arises and needs to be sorted as soon as possible with repairs or the replacement of parts, our leading expertise is there to help.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored to meet the most stringent standards when looking to invest in wooden gates in Gloucestershire or further afield in neighbouring areas like Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Worcester and West Midlands, we’re a leading choice. Renowned for our exceptional industry standing and experience, we offer 24/7 support and guarantee that all our work is aligned with rigorous maintenance protocols. The production of our gates adheres to ISO 13857 standards ensuring consistent quality and aesthetically pleasing results. From wooden gates to wrought iron gates and aluminium gates, our portfolio demonstrates our luxury range of choices and commitment to delivering the client’s brief to the finest standards each and every time.

Timber treatment can be included in our annual service contracts and inspections.

Premium Design

Our electric gates are designed specifically for your needs.

Quality Support

We offer full support for your newly fitted gate.


All work Guaranteed in line with regular servicing & maintenance.

Build Quality

Our electric gates are built to ISO 13857 standards.

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You can browse our range of wooden gates or create a bespoke gate to your specifications. Whether you have a design in mind or need a guiding hand to offer impartial advice our team of experienced technicians will be happy to help.

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