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The benefits of intercom systems for electric gates

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Many homeowners choose to augment their electric gates with easy-to-use intercom systems. Here at TPS Gates and Doors Ltd, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of intercom systems, including hard-wired intercoms, wireless intercoms and even GSM intercoms (which work using the same technology as mobile phones). But why are intercom systems so popular? What advantages do they offer to homeowners with electric gates?

1. Intercoms make it easy to receive visitors

Everybody gets visitors or receives guests from time to time. Intercoms allow your visitors to let you know that they’ve arrived at your gate so you can let them in. Nobody wants to have to wait outside your gate until you notice them and let them in! Intercom systems obviate this problem by ensuring that you can always be alerted when someone reaches your gate. As a result, installing an intercom can make you a better host.

2. Intercoms allow you to control access remotely

Most intercom systems allow you to open your electric gates remotely, meaning that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to let visitors in. Electric gates are generally very convenient, but intercom systems make them even more convenient. They can increase your gates’ ease-of-use quite dramatically, simply by allowing you to operate them remotely.

3. Intercoms can be used to access your home if you lose your keys

If you mislay your keys or the controls for your electric gates, you may find it difficult to regain entry to your home. If someone else is inside (such as a friend or family member), you can use an intercom system to alert them to your presence so they can let you in. Installing an intercom system is a great way to avoid getting locked out of your home.

Intercom systems are a must-have for many electric gate owners. If you’re planning on investing in a set of our high-quality electric gates, why not take a look at our range of intercom options, too.