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How electric gates can make your home safer and more secure

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Automated gates always seem to look the part: attractive, intricately designed, and secure. But they have a purpose beyond lending aesthetic appeal to your property, and this is to make your home safer. Acting as an effective deterrent against would-be burglars, they can help to reduce your risk of falling victim to theft, providing top class security to your property. Here’s how they do it…

Electric gates allow you to control who enters your home

Although manual gates may be handy if you need to keep your dog in the garden, they’ll do little to prevent anyone else from entering your property, which means that you cannot control who crosses the threshold. Electric gates, on the other hand, give you a choice over who you choose to admit, making them much harder for criminals or unwanted visitors to breach.

Electric gates allow you to control who exits your property

It’s not just about having control over who enters your property. Electric gates have the added bonus of keeping children and pets inside, meaning that you can allow them to play outdoors in absolute safety. This is especially useful in homes that border busy roads, as you don’t have to worry about escapees getting out of the garden and endangering themselves.

Electric gates help to deter theft

As we mentioned above, electric gates have the added advantage of helping to deter crime. Experts suggest that before committing a burglary, thieves perform a mental cost-benefit analysis, weighing up the risks and rewards of their planned criminality. If a home seems overly difficult to breach, they will often decide that the dangers of capture are too great, and will walk away without even trying to break in. Because of this, automated gates with their electrical systems, difficulty of entry, and risk of being trapped inside are often considered more hassle than they’re worth.

If you wish to learn more about how electric gates could make your property safer and more secure, contact us today.