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Why automatic gates give the best security

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Do you want to have control over who has access to your property? To keep undesirables out and children and pets safe from harm? Then you need to install gates on your property. And while wrought iron gates topped with spears might look intimidating, it’s fairly easy for any determined burglar to scramble over the top, or to pick the lock and simply walk in. To add a good layer of security to your home you need automatic gates.

Sliding or swing gates?

The style of gates you install will depend on considerations of budget, style and available space. Sliding gates offer superior stability and security thanks to the operating system of rails and rollers, but they require considerably more space than swing gates to install. Swing gates can add aesthetic appeal to your property but are intrinsically less secure than a sliding gate.

How can I add extra security?

That depends on the level of access to the property that you install. Your automatic gates will be installed with sensors that allow the gate to open as you approach, which is the most basic level of security. However, you may wish to vet visitors and control access in the following ways.


These allow entry when a 4 digit code is correctly entered. Using a keypad gives a huge amount of flexibility and control. For example, you can assign different access codes for different users, or a code to open both gates or only one for pedestrian access.

Intercom system

This kind of manual alert system is excellent for vetting visitors and allowing you to decide whether to grant access or not.

Ask the professionals

At TPS we can advise you on every aspect of installing your electric gates, including a wide range of security access methods to suit every property. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to advise you on the options for your home.