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Revamping your garden?

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Revamping Your Garden?

Spring is traditionally the time of year when we look at the outside of our property and start creating a list of things to do in the garden. Of course this is very much a case of being on the inside looking out, but the truth is, our garden begins at the entrance to our property. This logically means that if you want to set the tone for a good-looking garden, a good looking pair of electric gates would be a great place to start. Creating such an impressive initial impression as you enter your property will help set the tone for everything that lies behind your electric gates.

Of course there is a great choice of gates available, either wooden electric gates or metal electric gates, all of which come with a choice of security and locking systems to best suit your needs. Because we cover a 50-mile radius of our premises in Lydney, Gloucestershire, this includes Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Chepstow, Newport, Clevedon and all surrounding areas. So, if you live in or around any of these towns and cities and have been considering the installation of new electric gates, please make sure you get in contact with this and we will be more than happy to come out and provide you with a free site survey along with a quote for the cost of installing new electric gates. Here at TPS Electric Gates & Doors we certainly notice an upturn in the number of enquiries we receive each day, a clear sign that the period of ‘winter hibernation’ is over and people are beginning to spend more time in their garden than they have been. Certainly if you have been looking at a tired and rusty pair of old gates that have been nothing but a continual nuisance to maintain, the prospect of a pair of brand-new metal electric gates that will only require nominal maintenance begins to take on a whole new level of appeal.