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Stamping your mark on a new home

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New Home

Unless you are buying a brand new property, it is always nice to make changes to your new home that say “We live here now!” Of course you may have bought the property because the previous owners had modernised every aspect and nothing needs altering in the bathroom or kitchen, so how do you add your mark to the property in a way that isn’t a waste of money, and just provides that perfect finishing touch. Our advice here at TPS Gates and Doors Ltd is to have a look around the outside of your property and in particular the off road entrance. Quite often this is one area of a property that tends to get overlooked, when it is actually quite important, both from an aesthetic as well as security aspect. Now imagine the transformation if you were to install a pair of electric gates, perhaps wooden gates or maybe you would prefer wooden gates. Wooden ones tend to block out anyone looking in on you as they pass, however metal gates have a character of their own and may be more in keeping with the style of your home.

On many occasions we have been invited out to install electric gates for new homeowners who decided that this was the one element of their new home they decided needed adding to make the whole place feel perfect. So if you are having thoughts about installing metal gates or wooden gates to your new home, why not give us a call at TPS Gates and Doors Ltd and invite us out to show you the exceptional range of metal gates, wooden gates, electric gates and garden gates we can have made to measure and fitted expertly, just as you envisaged. No two entrances are the same size, so we are perfectly accustomed to creating whole installation, including side pillars as well as the gates themselves.