Gate Operators

TPS supply and install good quality gate operators and control systems from Europes leading manufacturers. We have strong relationships with UK suppliers and use proven equipment for good results.It is essential that the correct equipment is specified and fitted within specific parameters if your electric gates are to be reliable and have longevity.

There are many factors that will dictate which gate operators should be used in specific circumstances including: Gate size, Gate material, Wind effect, Post size, Hinge position, Regularity of use, Location of the gates, Control system required.

TPS offer the following different systems:

Underground gate operators, Post mounted gate operators and sliding gate operators dependent uponinformation gained and measurements made during a detailed survey and discussion.We select equipment that we know and fit it properly within the manufacturers specification.t is generally true to say that you will get better performance from a cheaper system installed well than a better quality system installed badly. You can’t fight physics and win !

Post Mounted Gate Operators

Gate Operators 6 - TPS Electric Gates
Gate Operators 6 - TPS Electric Gates

Underground Gate Operators

Gate Operators 5 - TPS Electric Gates
Gate Operators 4 - TPS Electric Gates

Sliding Gate Operators

Gate Operators 3 - TPS Electric Gates
Gate Operators 2 - TPS Electric Gates

Plumbers for plumbing, electricians for wiring, builders for building and gate automation specialists for your electric gates and you will not go far wrong. If you are going to pay a tradesman for his work it follows that you would pick the right trade.We are often called out to gate automation systems that have been installed and abandoned by electricians only to find they have the wrong equipment for the job which is beyond returning to the supplier due to looking very second hand. A negative and expensive result.

Operator Control Panel

Gate Operators - TPS Electric Gates

TPS have installed hundreds of electric gates over the past 20 years throughout the south west of England and have the knowledge and experience to supply you with the right system for your needs.(Advice, or possibly a rant ?! ) We highly recommend that gate automation equipment is installed by specialist gate installers and would underline the fact that this is a specialist trade carried out by trained professionals.