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How will you control your electric gates ?

There is a wide range of control equipment available to control your gates and TPS can offer solutions to the most unusual requests. If you can, keep it simple and all users will get the most out of the convenience and luxury of your automated gate system.

 These are our most popular gate control solutions:


A keypad (or digital entry pad) allows operation of your automatic gate upon entry of the correct four digit code by authorised users. Different codes can be programmed for different users, or you can have one code to open the pair of gates, and another to open one gate for pedestrians. You can alter the code through the keypad should you need to.

Intercom Systems

A majority of automatic gates are fitted with an intercom system allowing the home owner to vet callers and control the gates from within the property. We have a great range of hard wired and wireless intercoms.


A timer can be set to open the gates during desired hours, maybe busy periods during the day and then close them in the evening. A timer can also be added to any other control: Keypad, push button etc, so as it will only control the gates during selected hours. TPS will be pleased to discuss all control options with you to ensure you have a system that best suits your requirements.

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