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Sometimes a solution to a problem can be too obvious to see

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Problem Can Be Too Obvious To See

In certain environments you can be faced with the situation where you have an off street parking space, or even two, but you have no way of making the area secure. There is no room to build a garage, and it would look out of place anyway, so you settle for being parked off the road, but still in a fairly unsecured environment. If you have a decent car then despite alarms and immobilisers, there is still that fear that someone passing in the middle of the night may try and help themselves. So much crime today is opportunist in nature, so to reduce your risk of becoming a victim, there are certain measures you can take to make your home and any vehicles more secure. But let’s return to the problem of your parking space either in front of, or just to the side of your house. How can you make it secure when you can’t open the garden gates outward to allow you to park and then close the gate behind you as it would open out into the road itself? There is no point in having them open inwards as once you have parked your car, you can’t then shut the gates again as the car is in the way. So there is nothing you can do, or so you thought.

However, what is wrong with sliding electric gates? Providing you have sufficient width to the front of your property, you can solve your security problem with a sliding electric gate, either a wooden gate or a metal gate depending on your preference. And even if there is a wall or fencing to one side of the entrance, at TPS Gates and Doors Ltd we have fitted more than enough gates in just about every restricted and awkward position imaginable, so don’t be perturbed. We are always happy to come out and carry out a free site survey and provide you with a free estimate just so you know exactly what we can come up with as a solution to your parking and security problems. Why not give us a call and invite us out, we are confident you’ll be thrilled with the ideas we come up with and soon after you will be able to relax knowing that while your car is not in a garage, it is still far more secure tucked in behind locked gates.