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Gate Repairs

When your gate requires repair, it’s essential that a professional is there to assist. Not only does this ensure that they’re structurally sound once again, but that they look aesthetically pleasing and continue to provide the highest level of security. TPS Electric Gates is experienced in emergency gate repair in Gloucester and the surrounding areas. Our skilled and knowledgeable team provide local gate repair services for a variety of types including aluminium, wood, metal, electric and sliding gates. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is what makes TPS Electric Gates a first choice. 

Our Gate Repairs Services 

Damaged gates usually occur after severe weather conditions such as strong winds, or accidents where the gate becomes misaligned or a part of the gate needs replacing. Whatever the issue, we tackle small and extensive damage with the same level of expertise and attention to detail. When there is a mechanical problem with electric gates, we’ll inspect, fix, and if necessary replace any parts with leading brands for high-quality outcomes that guarantee seamless operation. 

As well as our repair services, TPS Electric Gates also provides routine maintenance to help prevent future issues. Our dedicated automatic gate servicing in Gloucester is available for all systems to ensure that they function safely and reliably which gives you peace of mind. This can be carried out at a time that is best for you. We’ll thoroughly check your gate and provide personalised maintenance tips to keep it in top condition for years to come.

What Types of Gates Do We Repair? 

Specialists in gate repair, manufacture and installation, TPS Electric Gates have a vast skill set across a variety of gates. We don’t just provide a standard one-size-fits-all service, instead, we offer bespoke repairs for your unique needs and requirements depending on the action required and the issue that needs care and attention. 

For wooden gates, we’ll start with an assessment to identify any signs of rot, warping, broken or loose components to address what process is best to take. We’ll then clean the gates, repair the rot where if necessary, remove the affected wood and apply a filler which is sanded for a smooth appearance. If parts of the gate such as slats and rails have been damaged, we’ll amend these, as well as reinforce joints and straighten or align by adjusting the hinges. 

For metal gates that have experienced a build-up of rust, we’ll dissolve the rust and prevent any spreading. Meanwhile, if any broken or bent parts need to be repaired we can efficiently and effectively weld these or replace them altogether. 

Track alignment and roller replacement is a common fix for sliding gates if they have been damaged or worn over time. This is completed to the exact sizing so that they can elegantly glide open with applied lubrication to reduce friction. 

Finally, for all electric gates, we’ll begin with troubleshooting the issue by looking at wiring, connections, control panels and fuses for any loose components or damage, followed by testing the voltage. If the gate isn’t operating properly we’ll also check the motor and sensor alignment to cover all bases and carry out testing and provide guidance on how best to maintain with our servicing package.  

Automated Gate - TPS Electric Gates

Why Choose TPS Electric Gates?

When searching for electric gate repairs in Gloucester and the surrounding areas across the county and further afield in North Somerset, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Worcester and West Midlands, we cover an outstanding range of gate types to ensure they’re back to working order in no time. For over 20 years we have been transforming properties with our beautifully designed gates and providing customers with a trusted repair service carried out by our qualified engineers. Our fleet of 12 fully equipped service vehicles is dedicated to the maintenance of your gates to ensure longevity and durability using high-quality parts and equipment.

Premium Design

Our electric gates are designed specifically for your needs.

Quality Support

We offer full support for your newly fitted gate.


All work Guaranteed in line with regular servicing & maintenance.

Build Quality

Our electric gates are built to ISO 13857 standards.

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You can browse our range of aluminium gates or create a bespoke gate to your specifications. Whether you have a design in mind or need a guiding hand to offer impartial advice our team of experienced technicians will be happy to help.

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