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Why you should leave gate maintenance to the professionals 2

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As we’ve pointed out in previous blog entries, maintaining and repairing your garden gates is of paramount importance. However, you may not realise that electric gates should be maintained and repaired by appropriately-trained professionals. If you used to have traditional, manually-operated gates and are still getting used to your new electric gates, you may be planning on maintaining them yourself. However, we would advise against this. Here at TPS Gates & Doors Ltd we offer maintenance and servicing contracts on all our gates because it is best to let us handle their upkeep. But why is this?

1. Safety

Electric gates have a variety of parts that shouldn’t be handled by lay-people. They have powerful, solar-charged batteries, electric motors that cause them to open and close and other electrically-conductive components. If you’re not very familiar with electric systems, trying to maintain or repair these parts yourself can put you in danger: you might receive a nasty shock or injury while trying to fix a battery, motor or conductive component.

2. Knowledge

Fixing and maintaining electric gates naturally requires a good understanding of how they work. If you don’t know exactly how to repair or maintain an electric gate, you may inadvertently damage it or break it altogether. Repairing the breakage or rectifying the extra damage can be time-consuming and costly. Ergo, even for routine maintenance and minor repairs it’s usually better to leave your gates in the hands of trained professionals.

3. Efficiency

Even if you know enough to repair and maintain your gates while avoiding the potential hazards, you may find that the process takes up a lot of your valuable time. Do you really want to spend your time maintaining and repairing your gates? Why not let the professionals handle the servicing and repair-work instead? They may be able to complete the work more quickly. What’s more, you’ll be able to concentrate on doing something you enjoy while they work.

Of course, some of our readers may be able to repair and maintain their own gates. If you happen to be a professional electrician, repair-worker or engineer, you may be one of them. However, even if you believe you could fix and service your gates yourself, there’s no reason to take the risk. Here at TPS Gates & Doors Ltd, we can guarantee that our personnel will repair your gates safely and efficiently using their comprehensive knowledge of how electric gates work.