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When looking to secure your home, start with gates and fencing

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Secure Your Home By Starting With Gates and Fencing

It has probably been crossing your mind more and more these days, but how do you make your home more secure. Well contrary to popular opinion from that fraternity, burglars and thieves are lazy and many thefts arise out of opportunity as opposed to months of planning as you see in the films. Now you may have done everything you can to secure your house with new double glazed windows and fitted new doors with five locking points or the very best Chubb lock money can buy. However while you are doing everything you can to make your physical home secure, your property also includes the garden and if you have one, an entrance from the road. So have a look around the outside of your home, the actual boundary of your property and ask yourself, am I doing anything to stop people entering my property, not just my home? The chances are you haven’t given it a second thought and yes, there are improvements that can be made.

How about the actual garden gates? Are they easy to open – are they actually secure and can you lock them? If you have entrance gates, are they electric gates which are harder to open – in fact you have to be on the inside to do that! What about the garden gate? Can you lock it? Is it high enough for someone not to be able to jump over? Did you know that one of the greatest security measures for your garden is trellis on top if a sturdy wall or wooden panelled boundary. Yes, while you are thinking of fitting new wooden gates to improve security, don’t forget the fencing. And why is trellis on top of fencing such a good idea? Because it is flimsy! Yes, it may sound crazy, but to climb over the wall or wooden panels, you have to climb over the trellis as well, and the trellis is a nightmare as it is sturdy enough to stay in place when there’s a storm, but if anyone grabs hold of it to climb over, it is more likely to give way – more burglars have come to a sorry end as a result of trellis fencing than anything else!

So if you are thinking of improving the security around your home, why not give us a call at TPS Gates and Doors Ltd and we’ll be happy to come out and give you a free quote for new wooden gates, electric gates and metal gates, as well as fencing too.