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Types of Electric Gate Access Systems

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Gates play an essential role in providing security to a given area, whether it is an individual home, a community or a commercial establishment. With the development of technology, gates have become more advanced in recent years. Different gate access controllers are being installed to enhance the functionality of gates. Listed down below are some of the gate access controllers that are known to provide heightened security to many property owners.

Digital Keypad

Pedestrians and vehicle owners find digital keypads an ideal solution for electric gates. If this system is installed, the gates will require you to key in a pre-determined passcode before you can have access to the property.

Local or Remote Push Button

Push buttons are possibly the best and simplest access system for sliding or swing gates. In most cases, they are used in conjunction with other systems for added protection. Locally, push buttons can be located in a guard kiosk or inside premises, whilst wireless push buttons can open your electric gates from your car or your home.

Magnetic Card Reader

With a magnetic card reader, you do not have to insert a traditional key into a lock to enable access. Instead, there is a unique code embedded on the key card. If the reader recognises the code on your card, you will be given permission to enter the premises. This type of system is ideal for properties that expect a large volume of people and vehicles as it is relatively simple and responds faster than the alternatives.

Induction Loop Detector

This uses a loop sensor that is installed beneath the road surface. Once the vehicle drives over the loop sensor, it detects a change in the field. This activates a signal, which then opens the electric gate.

Number Plate Recognition

Number Plate Recognition has a high-security application, as it only identifies vehicle number plates that have been registered into the system. There will be a remote push button for security personnel to allow access to vehicles with unrecognised number plates but have passed inspection.

CCTV Remote Control

This usually works with a push-button system. When a vehicle or a person approaches a gate, the security personnel can choose to allow or deny access by viewing them on the video obtained by the CCTV.

Key Switch

This system utilises a switch that can only be enabled by a specific key. It is usually applied in situations where access has to be restricted to certain people. Once the right key is inserted, a local or remote push button will be activated. This system is used in premises that don’t have a large group of visitors.

GSM Intercom System

This works using cell phone technology and a network service provider. A visitor at your gate will press the call button on the intercom and it will direct the call to your registered phone number. Once you answer the call and verify the identity of the visitor, you can grant access to him or her.

Radio Remote Control

To make sure your automatic gate has a tight access control system, you can use radio remote controls. This system also comes with an option to operate a handheld device from the vehicle. It uses an approved VHF radio frequency with an operating range of between 20 and 1000 metres.

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