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There is a good alternative to swinging electric gates

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Swinging Electric Gates

Here at TPS Gates & Doors Ltd we are well aware that there is a good number of you out there who have longed to have electric driveway gates installed at your property, but the actual location of the entrance makes it seem impossible or impractical. There are three reasons for this situation arising. Firstly, there just isn’t room to have swinging gates and be able to close them after you have driven in to your garden. Particularly in town properties, front gardens are not usually big enough to allow you the room to do this.

The second reason is because of the ground topography – slopes inside your entrance make it impossible for the electric gate to swing inwards without hitting the ground. Finally, and as a potential solution to problem two above, you could have your gates swinging outwards. However, if you live on a busy road where you would have to stop in the middle of it while you waited for your electric gates to swing open, this could be very dangerous and ultimately impractical. So what is the solution.

Sliding electric gates is the answer to all your problems. Eliminating the need to have space inside your property for swinging gates, sliding electric gates eliminate this problem completely. And while you are sat there wondering if you have enough room at the side of your entrance for gates to slide, we know you may well feel disappointed you haven’t got enough room on both sides for a gate section to slide into.

Well it’s time to smile again because electric gate openers are so powerful and reliable today that rather than have two separate gate sections, you can have one large single sliding electric gate. Often the solutions to problems of fitting new driveway gates are there, but it is our 25+ years of experience which allow us to spot solutions you may not have thought of or realised even existed.

Even now we know there are a few of you in a position where you haven’t got room for one large sliding gate because of the narrowness of the front plot of your home. Well did you realise it is also possible to get sliding electric gates that concertina, or which work the same way as a roll-top desk does, where you can actually have the gate open and roll along a guide rail which runs parallel to your parking area. Bet you hadn’t thought of that as a solution to your problems!

What we recommend is that if you have always dismissed your property as being unsuitable for electric gates, but would really like to have them, why not give us a call and invite us out to let us see for yourself if there is a viable solution. We don’t charge for site visits or surveys, and all our quotes come without any commitment from you. After all, how can you make a decision before you know the cost, which will probably be less than you thought anyway. If you live in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Chepstow, Newport, Clevedon and the surrounding areas, we would be delighted to meet you.