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Standing Strong: 5 tips to maintain your automated gate.

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Regular maintenance throughout the home is important to keep things working properly and looking good. But do you uphold the same maintenance standards for your automated gate? This would have been an important purchase for your home, but neglecting to properly maintain it could mean you have to fork out a lot of money on repairs.

To ensure that your gate looks great and runs smoothly for as long as possible, here are 5 simple maintenance tips for you to keep in mind.

1. Inspect regularly and keep it clean

Winter weather can wreak havoc on metal and wooden gates. The rapid temperature changes combined with the fluctuating wind and rain. Conduct your own inspections of the gate regularly, and remove any debris from around the gate, the mechanism, and the sliding track (if applicable). Washing regularly will also ensure that dust and dirt doesn’t settle on the gate itself.

2. Prevent against the perils of rust.

Rust is metal’s worst enemy – we all know this. Even if you have a wooden automated gate, there is still the possibility for rust to accumulate around hinges and reinforcement panels. Once again, regular cleaning and inspection will protect your gate against the early stages of rust. Be sure to keep a close eye, severe cases of ingrained rust could require replacement parts or even worse, an entirely new gate.

3. Deal with any squeaks and creaks.

If you notice any squeaks, creaks, or any other unusual noises when your gate is in operation, then lubrication may be required along the tracks or hinges. You may think that a quick and simple solution is to crack out the WD-40and deal with it then and there, but as the system incorporates mechanical elements, this could do more harm than good. Contact a reputable manufacturer and maintenance company, preferably the company that installed the gate in the first place, and they’ll know just what to do to have your gate running smoothly in no time.

4. Consider a cosmetic touch-up.

Just like you would your garden fence, your automated gate will need the occasional touch up to stay looking it’s best. For metal gates, this may be as simple as waxing once or twice a year, however, if you notice that the paint is beginning to chip you may need to consider re-painting. It’s advised to return to the gate manufacturer for their advice for re-painting metal gates, nonetheless, there are plenty of professional decorators that will know what you need to do. If you wanted to re-paint yourself, begin by sanding any remaining paint from the gate, before using a weather-sealed paint that is appropriate for use on metal.

Wooden gates will also need regular treatments to ensure that the wood does not rot through turbulent weather. Treatment can take the form of paint, or oil, but weather-proofing is a vital consideration. Again, it is worth consulting with your gate manufacturer at the time of installation, or when you’re looking to re-paint, for their advice on which treatment will best suit your wood.

5. Have regular servicing and maintenance checks.

To keep your automated gate in optimum condition, ensure to arrange regular service and maintenance checks with your manufacturer and installation company. These checks will make sure that all aspects of the automated mechanisms are fully functional, and highlight any potential issues before they become a big, and expensive, problem. Many manufacturing and installation companies will offer a level of servicing and maintenance when you purchase an automated get, so be sure to keep their number to hand.

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