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More than a Company that Just Fits Electric Wooden Gates and Electric Metal Gates

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One of the problems with the internet today is how to give your company a name that people ‘get’ straight away, and one that encapsulates everything that you can do and offer. Well that is the perennial problem that has faced TPS Gates and Doors Ltd. for many a year now. One of the main problems is that they have so much more to offer than electric wooden gates and electric metal gates. In fact one of their very popular services is the erection of sturdy fencing around the boundary of your property. It is a sad reflection on the times we now live in, but gone are the days that a bit of cypresses hedging or some larch lap panels would deter the opportunist thief. Nowadays you need something sturdier when it comes to garden fencing, something designed to keep dogs and young children in, and unwelcome visitors out.

The garden fencing supplied by TPS Gates and Doors varies in heights and styles, from wooden to metal structures. Wood panels can be treated with wood preservatives or painted to add a splash of colour to your garden fencing, while metallic garden fencing is certainly built to last and creates quite an impression. You will also note a clever security feature with many of TPS Gates and Doors Ltd. garden fences, and that is trellising on the top section. Believe it or not, it is extremely effective at deterring thieves as it is stable enough to support plants and foliage, but not strong enough to support someone climbing over the top of it – causing many a would-be thief to come to an unfortunate end. If you want to get an idea of what might be best for you, then give TPS Gates and Doors Ltd. a call, let them come visit and provide you with some useful advice and a free quote.