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There are a number of options available for buying a wooden gate or a metal gate for the entrance to your home. Sometimes there are offers which can appear to be such good value to the point it is hard to believe they are true. However in certain circumstances, all you are doing is buying a wooden gate or metal gate, and that is all. After that you have to find someone who can fit the gate for you, and often it is at this point that the bill starts mounting up and what initially looked like a good deal no longer appears that way. This is exactly the type of situation we try to avoid at TPS and from our base in Malvern we do our very best to provide you with a ‘one stop shop’ for your entrance gate needs.

We don’t charge for our quotes and on-site surveys, and you will notice we say “on-site” because we don’t make guesses or assumptions as with our estimates there are no hidden surprises afterwards. What we say a wooden gate or metal gate will cost to install is the total cost of everything. For us this is important because we like to think you will continue to use our services with ongoing maintenance, particularly if your gate is remotely and electrically operated.

We are fortunate that from our Malvern office we have installed many wooden gates and metal gates in and around the area, so not only can we show you examples in a nice glossy catalogue, but we can also suggest places you can inspect to see both the quality of gates we install, and also the standard of work involved.

We are always working somewhere nearby where you are, so whether you live in Malvern or any of the surrounding towns and villages listed below, please feel free to call us at any time and we will be more than happy to come out and discuss the cost of wooden gates and metal gates that may be most suitable for your home: