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Making the Right Decision about Your Home Security

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Making the right decision regarding any improvements to your home is important. So, if you are looking to replace an old garage door, shuttering, wooden gate or metal gate, how do you know where to start? Of course there is your local DIY superstore that may seem good value, until you start to add on the extras when you have made your purchase. If it is a garage door, how do you get it home; if it is a large wooden gate or metal gate, the same question applies? Now if you want to install an electric gate, then the problems just doubled, if not trebled. When it comes to replacing an old wooden gate or metal gate, so often the opening or fittings for the old gate are wrong for the new one. Then you have to work out what to move, rebuild or replace.

Installing a new wooden gate or metal gate involves time, hassle and heartache, but by contacting us at TPS Gates & Doors Ltd, you could save all that, and some. Now contrary to what our name may suggest, we don’t just specialise in electric gates, we specialise in manual gates, wooden gates, metal gates, garage doors and shutters. Basically we have got all bases covered when it comes to exterior security for your property. Of course what you also need to know is that if you contact us, we will come and discuss your needs, measure everything to the nearest millimetre, and provide you with an accurate quote (free of charge) so you know what the ‘fixed and fitted’ cost is, as opposed to the ‘on the shelf’ price. There may appear to be a massive difference between the two, but once you add on those awful ‘extras’ we mentioned earlier, you’ll be surprised at the similarity in cost, and you will have avoided all the stress.