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Latest Statistics and Why Security Matters

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Last year the ONS (Office for National Statistics) revealed that 19% of household thefts reported were classed as ‘other thefts’, which basically means property stolen from outside the property. This figure has risen by 15% in the last twenty years. What is also reported is that many of the ‘other thefts’ are opportunistic and involve the theft of garden furniture, machinery, tools and garden ornaments, usually which are clearly visible from the road outside and there is no metal gate or wooden gate to deter thieves. Believe it or not, the UK garden has an average £2,000 worth of valuable items in it. Interestingly, the thefts from gardens are only ones reported and we all know that if something is stolen from your garden, it may not be covered by insurance, so there is no point in reporting the incident to the police. If you make sure you have a good sturdy metal gate, wooden gate, or even an electric gate, then you could well save the cost of installation through the protection it provides the contents of your garden.

In 2012 it was estimated that on average over £800 was spent on garden furniture alone by each homeowner with a garden so it makes so much sense to protect your belongings. Often it is not just the material value you are protecting, but with a secure wooden garden gate or metal garden gate, you are just keeping unwanted strangers at bay and protecting your own private space. Once installed, whether it is an electric gate or manual gate, you will notice the extra sense of security such an addition to your home will bring. So, if you want a metal gate, wooden gate, manually operated gate or an electric gate, your next step is to make contact with TPS Gates & Doors Ltd. and ask them to give you a free quote for fitting new garden gates to your property.