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It’s time to change those garden gates that are falling off their hinges and impossible to close

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Gates that are falling off their hinges

Sometimes we put up with things which annoy us for far too long. It is a bit like moving into a new home full of good intentions to change the décor and carry out a few improvements that are fairly obviously needing to be done. Two years later and nothing has changed – somehow we just get used to things and providing they aren’t going to harm our health or kill us, we become tolerant to more than we might have anticipated. Now we know from the number of times we have been called out to replace some old garden gates that virtually everyone says “We’ve been putting up with the gates in that state for years….” And it is almost a huge relief and weight off their minds when we turn up to provide a quote for some smart new metal gates, and ideally electric gates at that too. It is a situation we love as we already know the outcome before we even start work. We have driven away from a new electric gate installation, leaving the client stood in the road pressing the remote control while they watch the gates open and close at ease. It is as though we have just discovered fire!

A pair of rickety old garden gates may add a bit of ‘character’ to a property, but that word character is just a synonym for scruffy and worn out, seen better days, etc. However a bit like a personal makeover, changing your garden gates for some smart new metal gates will transform the whole look of your home, and give the surrounding garden a completely new feel to it. While there is an element of the practical solution to a problem, a smart pair of new gates also has tremendous aesthetic appeal too. So if you are one of those tolerant owners of a pair of garden gates that don’t close, why don’t you give us a call at TPS Gates and Doors Ltd and ask us to give you a quote for a number of styles of new gates. We think you’ll not only be pleased with the cost, but thrilled with the gates once they have been installed by us.