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It’s never a bad time to upgrade your garden gates

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Upgrade Your Garden Gates

Electric gates aren’t just a luxury, even though they do come with a sense of indulgence and an element of grandeur. Let’s be honest, we now live in such a technological society where more and more of what we need is automated, and that is also true of many of the cars we drive today. So why should it be that when it comes to having an electric gate or the older alternative, we still opt for the old-fashioned manual style? Do you feel it is a little extravagant when in truth it isn’t? Perhaps you are concerned about the cost, especially if there is some distance between your house and the gates themselves. Running electric cables that distance could be costly, but then there is a logical alternative. Photovoltaic cells which charge a battery so that even on dull grey days, your gates open perfectly. You see we can think of a solution for every situation we come across as at TPD Gates and Doors ltd we have been in business long enough to have encountered virtually every possible situation.

So when you add the practicality of having gates that open automatically, together with the aesthetic appeal of smart new wooden gates or metal gates, you are hopefully building up a picture in your mind that it is not such a bad idea after all. Yes, we’ve mentioned elsewhere about opening gates in the pouring rain, so we shouldn’t remind you of that unpleasant experience, but convenience does take a lot of beating, as does personal comfort. Whatever style of property or location, we have a fantastic range of gates we can custom build to fit your property entrance perfectly, and with pillars designed to meet your chosen taste. The whole project can be designed exactly as you wish, so why not call us and ask us out to give you a free quote for the sort of electric gates you would like to have installed, as often it is cost which is the deciding factor. We would like to think that the figure we come up with will be a pleasant surprise too!