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Integrated security solutions that deliver more

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Manufacturers are becoming more advanced and hard to avail. But what do installers and integrators need from such solutions and what are end users asking integrators and consultants to design for them?

So, what does the word ‘integration’ really mean? In the field of security, it is the rising star in market segments of the electronic security industry, blending disciplines , not just at the top end but small and medium enterprises. More and more systems offer alarms, access control, automation, barriers and industrial doors because of the rising demand of companies. But while we know developers and manufacturers are steering the market, what is the integrator experience of this shift? And what are end users telling integrators and consultants about the system functionalities they want? Are there real opportunities for integrators to develop their businesses in ways that allow them to lift themselves out of the never ending grind of a price war?

For TPS Industrial, an integrated solution combines disparate systems to operate as well as a single solution using low-level logic or high-level interfaces. The most important quality of an integrated security platform is reliability and TPS Industrial knows how to deliver.

Functionality is necessary

The benefits promised are quite often greater than the final product with integrated solutions. If the manufacturer advises that the system is capable of achieving a particular result, it is important that the manufacturer lives up to that promise.

Too often the term ‘integrated solution’ is thrown around giving a perception of a complex engineering and revenue attraction, whereas understanding the key outcomes of the clients and determining whether integration is a real requirement or whether a product better fit for purpose can be used to deliver the required outcomes without a full integration. It is true in larger scale, more complex system integration nowadays in those segments are unable to deliver very sleek operational results that are focused around presenting an operator with every bit of information instantly including pre-defined actions and intercept’s that greatly enhance the response to threats.

Consultants also play an important role in the education of end users and the requirements of integration where the detailed threat analysis and clients requirements have been documented providing integrators with a broad scope to work on and the real challenge in these situations is ensuring that the systems selected are tried, proven and tested. Companies like TPS Industrial offer a free survey for new systems, giving its clients an opportunity to negotiate requirements and recommend the best solution for every project.

Experienced barrier engineers can develop your traffic barriers and controls to ensure that you have a reliable entry system at your premises.

SMEs and security applications

It is important in every SME that they have the correct safety equipment connected to its automatic bollard system to safely control the entry and exit of all vehicles. Because of this, the installation of traffic lights and safety loops to rising bollard systems has become one of the priorities in order to avoid accidents.

Some systems work better than others, so it is extremely important that we select quality products from manufacturers who support us in our efforts to get the best out of their products. Industrial companies will quite often discuss with customers the need to change a particular product for an alternative. In particular, for the customer who wants an integrated solution using a number of different platforms and disciplines, it is understandable the complexities of integration and the benefits and pitfalls of selecting the right products.

Products with limited manufacturer support, limited developmental roadmaps and manufacturers who are reluctant to support us in our efforts to get the best from their products are avoided at all costs.

A key aspect of an integrated solution from the point of view of management systems is whether clients prefer interfaces that offer an holistic view of the multiple sub-systems that support their security operations. One of the best examples are the maintenance of gates and automation where reliable fabricators design bespoke gates to meet the needs of clients. If you are interested in knowing more about the integrated security system that your company needs, check out TPS Industrial and its services for more details.