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How to tell when your industrial gate needs repairing

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Industrial gates are essential not only to maintain the security of your business but to allow employees and deliveries to enter and leave the premises with ease. A broken or damaged industrial gate has the potential to slow down your workflow and makes security breaches much more likely to happen. If you notice any of the below signs, it’s time to contact an expert and have your industrial gate repaired or replaced to protect your landing bay security…

1. Your electrical gate is not opening as it should

Often with modern electrical gates they can be opened with a remote control or keypad, if your electrical gates are taking longer than usual to react to commands or are failing to receive a signal from their remote, repairs are more than likely necessary.

2. The gate is nosier than usual

If your security gates are creating screeching or loud grinding noises that are louder than usual when they are opening or closing, you should contact an expert to assess them. An expert will be able to determine if they simply need some maintenance work, e.g. oiling the hinges, or if some areas of the gate are broken and need replacing.

3. Damage is repeatedly done to one section of the gate

If you notice damage in one specific area of the gate this could be an indication that someone is preparing to enter your premises without your permission and could compromise your factory or warehouse security. When you notice damage, such as dents or scratches, you should contact an expert immediately who will help to prevent any security breaches from occurring.

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