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Gate Designs That Can Save You Space

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Gate Designs That Can Save You Space - TPS Electric Gates

There are some gate designs that require a lot of space. Take for example, swing gates. Each of the leaves needs to swing inwards 90 degrees to open. While these gates can add superb aesthetics to a property, they take up a lot of space and they are also prone to ramming.

That said, you may be thinking that it’s impossible to have an automatic gate in your property if you don’t have the luxury of space. However, there are several space-saving gate designs that are suitable even in a limited area. These will keep your property and vehicles safe while giving you some room to breathe. Here are some of the space-saving gate designs that you can consider.

Bi-folding gates

For properties that don’t have the capacity to fit a standard gate, you may consider using bi-folding gates. This type of gate only requires a quarter of space as compared to swing gates. Each of its leaves folds into half as the gate opens. It moves twice as fast as conventional gates, taking between three to seven seconds to open.

Bi-folding gates are an ideal solution for those living in the city who need to go out regularly. You can customise them based on your requirements and construct them using the same materials as swing gates. By doing this, you can have an equal level of sophistication but with the use of space-saving design. You can choose between solid wooden gates that enhance privacy and noise cancellation or black steel gates with finials for elegance.

Telescopic gates

The next space-saving gate design we have is the telescopic gate. It is a sliding gate that is divided into two or three sections, overlapping each other as the gate opens. This is ideal for properties with short driveways as it only needs minimal space for the gate to fully open.

Telescopic gates give better protection than swing gates as they are not vulnerable to ramming and they operate faster. Like other gate designs, telescopic gates can also be custom-built to suit your preference.

Turning gates

The last on our list is the turning gate. This type of gate incorporates elements from sliding and folding gate designs. It opens rapidly by following a curved track to slide the gate around the corner. There are two variations to choose from. The first one features two single section panels tracked at each end. They are then pulled open to the left and right until they rest parallel to the vehicle on both sides. Meanwhile, the other variation has a number of hinged sections that are pulled around a corner. They also end up in a similar position to the vehicle as they rest on one or both sides. The hinged sections have a tighter turn than the other option, which provides more space around the vehicle front. However, if you choose to have a gate that retracts to one side instead of two, it will require you to have more depth in your driveway as the gate is wide.

Choose the right automatic gate

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