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Electric Gate myths debunked

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All homeowners like to feel that their property is safe and in safe hands. But when it comes to buying electric gates, some myths have surfaced over the years which discourage people from buying them. As a result, they usually miss out on a simple solution to their security concerns.

At TPS Gates & Doors, we want to debunk these rumours. As an electric gate company, we’ve asked the professionals to confirm the facts. So we have compiled a list of infamous myths for you below:

1. They are expensive.

This is by far the most common myth. While they aren’t typically cheap, having an automatic gate installed costs an average of £1500-£2000, which is about the same price as having high quality doors fitted.

With suitability to a range of budgets, having an electric gate shouldn’t break the bank.

2. Digital home security is much more effective than an electric gate.

Cybersecurity has progressed greatly over the past ten years. However, they still have many vulnerabilities, which make them susceptible to cyberattacks. Electric gates on the other hand simply do not share all these weaknesses and provide excellent security.

3. Just locking your door is enough to deter burglars. You don’t need anything else.

Most burglars are opportunists, but if a particularly smart or determined burglar wants to break into your property, a door won’t necessarily slow them down. With the right tools, they can be inside within twenty minutes.

However, 9 out of 10 burglars tend to move on if they see an electric gate, alarm system as well as other gates and doors. Ultimately it adds more time, cost and effort to the robbery, and they won’t consider the risk of getting caught.

4. The cost of maintenance isn’t worth it.

On the contrary, maintenance of an electric gate is relatively simple. The switches are the only technical aspect of the gate and they are generally reliable. Once our electric gate installers have fitted them properly, they should require very little service.

That being said, TPS Gates & Doors also offer a fantastic maintenance and services package for those who already own electric gates.

Feel free to contact us to see what our electric gate suppliers can do for you.

5. They cause accidents.

Accidents tend to only be a possibility after a long period time without inspection. Manufacturers such as ourselves are required by law to ensure our electric gates adhere to strict quality assurances.

We also recommend that you frequently have an electric gate serviced to ensure they are safe. This is also a service we can do for you.

6. The power supply keeps running out.

It’s understandable that you might have concerns about the power supply, but modern electric gates require very little attention. Most will possess a back up battery which usually lasts for up to eight hours, so it’s quite easy to reconnect the gates to a suitable power supply before the battery drains completely.

In conclusion

It’s only natural to consider your choices carefully when thinking about your home security. However, the vast majority of concerns that have been raised in the past are normally unfounded and greatly appeased once electric gates have been purchased by us.

Overall, TPS Gates & Doors are more than happy to guide you with any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns, or would like more information on electric gate options for your property.