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Deciding on the right garden gates for you

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Right Garden Gates For You

Making the decision to either install or replace existing garden gates is the easy part of the process. Deciding what to replace them with takes a little more time and consideration. First of all you have to take into account personal taste and aesthetic appeal. Do you prefer the softer look of natural wood, or perhaps you prefer the grander and more imposing style of wrought iron gates? Then of course you want something that is in keeping with the style of your house too – something we at TPS Gates and Doors Ltd can advise you on if you are unsure. In addition, if a new gateway is being installed, then you will have to look into the planning aspects and discuss with the local authority with regard to the necessary consents. If you are installing a new gateway, then you may need piers to hang the gates on, so their style needs discussing, as well as whether you want the gates to be electric gates or standard wooden gates.

One of the final things to take into consideration is maintenance of the gate once installed. If you are a handyman around the house then a wooden gate should be no problem. Unlike metal gates, wooden gates require more maintenance, ideally using an oil finish as opposed to a varnish to make the maintenance as simple and trouble-free as possible. Of course we don’t just sell you a gate and walk away at TPS Gates and Doors Ltd as follow up servicing of all gates we install is an important part of our work, especially for electric gates. We know that by the time you give us a call to come out and provide you with a free quote for your gate you will have a fairly comprehensive idea of what you want, but we have plenty of time to help you go through all the possibilities available.