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Common Problems With Automated Gates And How To Fix Them

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Gates play an important role in a property as they enhance the homeowner’s security and privacy. What’s more, the installation of high-performance automatic security gates become popular to those who find getting in and out of the vehicle just to get to their own driveway tiring, especially in an inclement weather. However, automated or electric gates are not immune to problems just like most technology. These problems should be taken care of immediately to avoid further damage that may soon call for an overall replacement.

We listed below the most common issues you might encounter if you have an automated gate and the solution for each to make your interaction a hundred per cent easy and hassle-free:

Power Outage

If no element of your gate is functioning such as the keypad or the sensors, it may be possible that you’re looking at an issue with power. Electric gates require a constant supply of electricity in order to work properly. Essentially, power failures and cutouts will prevent the gates from working. If it is a power cut, you should check all the fuses inside the house to see which one has blown and restore the power by putting the switch back in position. If you aren’t able to find out the root cause of this problem, calling a professional is your best choice.

Manual Mode

There are times when an automated gate can become stuck in the manual mode. This may be an issue with the gate opener or the gate’s opening mechanism. Check both of these possible problems to find out why the gate is stuck in the manual mode.

Faulty Gate Opener

The remote control or gate opener should always be kept in good condition to ensure that it will be able to open the automated gate without any fuss. If you find it unresponsive, the batteries may already be fading and need to be replaced. In case this does not solve the problem, it may be better to replace the remote control itself.

Large Amount Of Noise

If you noticed a continuous grinding sound from the automated gate’s mechanism which moves it together and apart, chances are it may have become worn out. Fix this problem by having the mechanism taken apart and reassembled or have a new part fitted.

Damaged Metal Tracks

Damaged, clogged or misaligned metal tracks in an electric sliding gate can cause a major problem and prevent the gate from working efficiently. If your sliding gates need cleaning, you can do it by yourself and be sure to sweep up any debris on a regular basis. However, seek help from experienced technicians if the tracks are damaged or misaligned.

Sensors Obstructions

Sensors trigger motion and also play a vital role for your electric gate to work properly. That said, if the sensors are blocked, then the automated gate will fail to work. Insects, vermin, moss and mould may be the cause of obstruction so ensure that the inside of the electric gate is kept clear of dirt and small animals for the sensor to work correctly at all times.
If you want your automated gate to last longer, the most important thing to remember is to maintain it properly. If you think that you can’t do this on a regular basis or you have to deal with issues that are beyond your control, don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional maintenance crew. Here, at TPS Electric Gates, the services we offer include designs, installations and maintenance of high-quality automated gates. We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call on 01594 840 408 to speak with a member of our friendly team today.