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6 expensive gate electric mistakes you could be making

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6 expensive gate electric mistakes you could be making | TPS Electric Gates

Having an electric gate is an investment for your property. You get the advantage of securing your property, and it also adds value to your real estate. They are aesthetic, convenient, and you benefit from a high level of privacy. There are, however, some mistakes you could be making that will impact how long you get to benefit from your electric gate. We will explore some of them below, plus what you need to do to rectify the situation.

• Not scheduling regular inspections

Think about treating your electric gate like you would if it was your car. The same way you take your vehicle for regular inspections and servicing is the same way you should treat your gate electric. Electric gate servicing is vital so that you can ensure all the parts are functioning as they should. There are specific components, such as electrical connections, bearings, and chains that require regular maintenance. The electric Gate Company will be able to provide such services to you.

• You do not keep your electric gate clean

If we pick from the analogy of the car, you probably clean it daily. Not only do you maintain the aesthetic aspects, but you also get to avoid dirt buildup. Dirt in the wrong places can clog up the system, leading to a system failure. You will then have to contend with high repair bills. Ensure you schedule in a manual washing, waxing, and oiling of the gate. Such steps will guarantee that the gate continues to perform at optimal levels.

• You are not protecting against rust buildup

Metallic parts of your electric gate may be susceptible to rust buildup because of the elements. The situation can get especially bad if you live in a wet area or are coming off the winter season. It is, therefore, critical that you are careful about rust. If you see any, take the necessary steps to remove it immediately. Use a mild detergent or sandpaper to get rid of the dust.

• You do not realise the damage that pests can cause

Many electric gate owners do not realize how much damage pests, such as snails, termites, among others can do. If they penetrate the circuit board, they can destroy it. Snails introduce moisture, which can lead to lasting and short-circuiting. Bees and ant nests can corrode some of the components, which can be very costly to replace. You will need to incorporate pest eradication in your maintenance process.

• You ignore the moving parts

The construction of an electric gate has hinges, bearings, pulleys, rollers, and chains. These components are critical in ensuring that you continue to enjoy excellent service from your gate. Unfortunately, such components can undergo wear and tear, which can get worse if you do not take good care of them. Make sure you schedule in the maintenance of the moving parts at least twice every year. Ensure you use the right lubrication as per the recommendations of the electric gate manufacturer. Electric Gate service is not something that you should ever forget.

• You are not taking care of critical components

Automated gates have various parts that you must take good care of. Electric gate installers can give you some tips on how to take care of certain aspects on your own. The experts will advise you on what to look out for, and how to avoid common problems that you need to take care of immediately.

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