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3 tips for maintaining your dock leveller

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If you work in the shipping business, delivering products on time is paramount for your success. Therefore, you need to ensure you regularly inspect your equipment to check it’s functioning efficiently and safely. Below we offer three tips to help you maintain your dock leveller.

1. Keep them clean

Dock levellers are usually found in high traffic areas, which means they’re likely to attract dirt and debris. A dirty dock leveller can cause a number of issues, including obstructing working parts, corroding joints and slowing its movement. Therefore, you should aim to inspect the dock leveller a couple of times a day, removing any dirt and debris and checking for any possible obstructions.

2. Lubricate the components

Certain components of your dock leveller will require lubrication to keep them running smoothly. As they’re constantly in motion, you’ll need to lubricate the hinge tubes and pivot joints to prevent them from rusting. To extend the life of your dock leveller, lubricate any areas where there’s rust or slow-moving parts as and when required. It’s important to also oil your dock leveller every few months and hire a professional to inspect it for potential damage.

3. Check its functionality

While you should always check your dock leveller is working efficiently while it’s in use, you also need to test its functionality when it’s not in operation. Issues you need to look out for include:

• It doesn’t reach its maximum height when it’s raised or lowered
• It doesn’t attach properly to a truck’s trailer
• Its speed decreases when the platform is lowered or raised
• Once lowered, the platform isn’t level

If you notice any of these issues, you need to have your dock leveller inspected and repaired by a professional as soon as possible.

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