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3 reasons why you should replace your traditional gates with electric ones

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Strong, impenetrable gates are necessary for securing property with a lot of land, especially when privacy is of paramount importance. However, traditional garden gates that manually need opening and closing are impractical on such properties for several reasons. Whether you’re tired of having to unlock the gate every time you have a guest, or fed up of getting out of your car whenever you arrive at the entrance to your property, here’s why you should replace your traditional gates with electric ones.

1. No need to get out of the car

When you arrive home to a locked gate, there is nothing more annoying than securing your car, getting out, unlocking the gate, getting back in again, driving through, then repeating the process again to lock it. This irritating routine can make leaving the house for even the simplest errands feel like a pain. However, electric gates will automatically open and close for you, so you can just drive straight through without any hassle.

2. No need to unlock the gate for guests

Watching out for guests arriving so you can open the gate can be rather annoying, while unlocking it before they arrive may pose a safety risk, as anyone could walk on to your land. To save the effort and worry, install electric gates so your guests can drive straight through.

3. No need for keys

Using keys to lock and unlock gates by hand can be rather tiring, especially if you need to repeat the process a few times a day. Also, keys can easily be misplaced or stolen, which puts your property under threat. Yet because electric gates automatically lock at the touch of a button, you would be able to rest easy at all times.

Are you thinking about replacing your traditional gates with electric ones? TPS can install beautiful electric gates according to your requirements, so get in touch now to find out more.