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3 of the most common concerns about electric gates addressed

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There are few who would argue that the efficiencies provided by technology are a bad thing. But when it comes to your security, hesitations may justifiably emerge when it comes to selecting a gate for your property.

For some, the ease with which an electronic gate can be opened can be a cause of worry, rather than contentment. Especially for older generations, it can sometimes be difficult to embrace technology wholeheartedly. But at TPS Gates & Doors Ltd, we’re here to offer you peace of mind. We’ll address 3 of the most common concerns.

“Someone could hack into it”

Hollywood has a habit of making people on edge about technology, particularly if it supposedly gives criminals advantages. The truth is that electric gates are highly secure, and pretty much impossible for would-be criminals to enter. The chances of someone being able to randomly enter the correct pin number into a 1-9 keypad is 1 in 10,000, so unless your villain is the recipient of some pretty outrageous luck, your safety is guaranteed.

“The battery will run out”

One of the most common worries people may have when deciding on an electric gate is its electricity supply. For many people, batteries are annoying, time consuming things, and in many cases they are. But one of the best things about electric gates is that they are charged using solar power. This means you won’t have to worry at all about having to charge up your gates, or even spend the extra money to extend your mains power supply to it.

“It will be difficult to maintain”

Our service doesn’t stop when we drive away after installation. We’re aware that there may be times when your gate needs servicing, or requires repair after sustaining damage. This is why we have a fleet of 12 fully equipped service vehicles on hand to assist you whenever a problem may arise. Remember, we’re always here to help.