Five principal benefits of new garden gates?

Five Principal Benefits OF New Garden Gates

TPS Electric Gates and Doors Ltd for electric gates, wooden gates and metal gates

TPS Electric Gates and Doors Ltd for electric gates, wooden gates and metal gates

Here at TPS Electric Gates and Doors our twenty plus years of experience of fitting electric gates, wooden gates and metal gates throughout Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Chepstow, Newport and Clevedon has enabled us to get a very clear understanding of how our clients benefit from the installation of new garden gates. Sometimes the benefits are obvious, while others are slightly more subtle. However in all our time fitting new gates for clients we can honestly say we have never had a client disappointed with the results – in fact the result is usually very much the opposite. So what are the principal benefits of having new garden gates fitted By TPS Electric Gates and Doors Ltd? The following should help:

  • The feel good factor. That’s right, it is that simple. That feeling whenever you draw up to the front of your property and see your new gates never fails to deliver a buzz of satisfaction and pleasure. Now that feeling can be multiplied if you have electric metal gates installed, and that feeling can be multiplied yet again if it is cold and wet and all you need do to open your gates is push a button on the remote control in your car. Now that is a rewarding experience.
  • It may well have been your main intention, but the increased level of security PLUS the perceived sense of increased security are worth a fortune. Most theft is of an opportune nature, especially thefts from gardens. Having secure and sturdy gates not only puts off a would-be thief, but also gives the impression that the whole property will likely be as secure. Sometimes a perception is as powerful as reality.
  • Let’s be honest – we also like to show off a little. We can’t show everyone who goes past what is inside our home – and nor would we want to, but inwardly we want people to know we are doing okay, that where life is concerned, we are relatively successful. There’s nothing wrong with being honest, and in truth some of us are more subtle and less ‘in your face’ when it comes to ‘showing off’ how successful we are. Some people prefer to go out and buy a new Ferrari, our clients prefer to get new garden gates fitted!
  • To a degree, having new garden gates sets the tone for the whole of the outside of your property. Without doubt they will become an instant focal point, so making it important that you don’t go completely over the top with their design – they will make a loud statement even in the simplest of styles. When considering a design we often advise clients not to overpower the impact of simply having new garden gates with too complex a design, and that is how we are able to provide such conservative, yet hugely impressive gates. Have a good look at the gallery of photographs on our website to get a clearer impression of what we mean. We like to think that we know how to strike the impression between making a statement, but not screaming it from the rooftops. We like to think the quality of our gates speaks volumes in itself anyway.

As we say to anyone who contacts us, why not let us come out and have a chat so we can see what you need – it is so much easier to advise from a position of knowledge. We don’t charge for our surveys and ideas, and nor do we pressurize clients into making decisions on the day. If you want new garden gates we hope you come to us at TPS Electric Gates and Doors Ltd, but we won’t try and force your hand and leave you wishing you had never contacted us!