I’d never have electric gates installed, what if there was a power cut?

Electric Gates, What If There Was A Power Cut?

This is quite a common reason many people give for not wanting to install electric gates. They also add such other things as price, maintenance and a lack of power supply where the gates would be sited. Here at TPS Electric Gates and Doors Ltd we don’t try and cover up the truth with fob-off answers, we just tell it as it is and if you still feel uncomfortable about one of our gates, we accept that is the case and will not press you to change your mind. However facts do help, especially when they can clear up the occasional myth. So let us go through this list or negative reasons for not wanting to choose electric garden gates, and miss out on all the fun:

  • It is a common myth that if there is no electricity supply, electric gates cannot be opened. That would basically be the same as turning you into a prisoner in your own home, which is not what we are trying to achieve. Yes, we want to keep unwelcome guests out, but we don’t want to keep you in. As a consequence all our gates come with mechanisms which allow for them to be opened from the inside. It is a safety measure and we realise that the most important thing is you have the ability to still come and go as you please, even during times when the electricity supply to your property has been interrupted.
  • When it comes to the cost of electric gates, you would be surprised, and we think pleasantly so. Yes, every gate is different so we don’t quote fixed prices. However because of this, we do offer a free survey and quote for the cost of gates, whether electric or not. We want you to be fully informed when it comes to making an important decision.
  • Where maintenance is concerned, any gate requires a level of maintenance on an annual basis and we provide maintenance packages to ensure your gates remain in perfect working order for many years to come. As we have to come out and check everything, checking the electric motor is all part of the package and therefore does not massively increase the cost of the maintenance package.
  • If you happen to have a lengthy driveway, there may not be power down where your entrance gates are. However providing the whole area is not under a canopy of trees, we can install solar cells that will recharge batteries that in turn operate the gates. That means that the gates will open at night and on cloudy days! The cells are there just to top the batteries up and the actual mechanism for the gates does not use a massive amount of electricity anyway.

With these answers we hope that your interest in gates from TPS Electric Gates and Doors Ltd has increased. Please note that while we have been talking predominantly about electric gates and our name may imply we only make and supply electric gates, we don’t. The option is entirely yours as to whether the metal gates or wooden gates we provide are opened manually or by electric motor. So to find out everything you need to know, please do call us and we will be happy to spend some time with you.