Electric Gates: How to Choose the Perfect Gate for Your Property


The decision to invest in a high-quality electric gate for your property is one that comes with many advantages. This includes privacy, protection and the high-end appeal it gives your home. Automated and electric gates are also highly practical and convenient because there is no need for you to get out of your vehicle to open or close it.

If you are uncertain as to what type of automated gate best suits your home, here are some factors to consider and valuable tips to help you.

Material, design, and style
Whatever your taste in style or the current architectural design of your property, there will be an electric gate that will seamlessly fit. Do you want a wooden gate or a metal gate?

Electric wooden gates give a rustic and cosy feel to a property. However, the choice of timber is of particular importance as the forces put upon the gates by automatic gate operators demand a robust material and structure. It should also come from a sustainable source that will not harm the environment.
Some of the most popular metal electric gate designs are:

  • The Charlton Arched
  • The Charlton Flat
  • The Broadway Arched
  • The Broadway Flat
  • The Monmouth Arched
  • The Henley Scroll
  • The Wye Flat
  • The Wye Dip
  • The Tintern Arched
  • The Tintern Flat

Swing versus Sliding Gates

How do you want your electric gates to open? There are two options, swing gates or sliding gates.

It is essential that you call an expert to analyse the location of your property and the available space for clearance when you open the gate. If you have sufficient space, a swing gate that either opens inward or outwards on your property is possible. For an electric swing gate, you also have to take note of the size and weight of the gate panels and the distance between the post and the concrete where the motorization machine will be installed.

On the contrary, if you have limited space or a complicated terrain, electric sliding gates may be a more viable solution. Automatic sliding gates can either be tracked sliding gates or cantilever sliding gates.

Choosing access options

Your automated gates can be opened in many ways, depending on your personal choice. You can choose from these access methods:

  • Keypad entry through passcode – A digital entry pad will be installed near your automatic gate. It will require the user to type the correct four-digit code before being granted entry. You can change the code as often as you feel necessary. You can also program different codes for different users. A separate code can also be set for a pedestrian gate and the vehicle gate.
  • Card-based entry – This is similar to hotel swipe access cards. There are some owners of electric gates who prefer this method because there is no need to memorize passwords. The downside of this is if it gets stolen or lost, anyone in possession of your access card can get into your property.
  • Intercom access – Most automatic gates are built with either a hard-wired or wireless intercom system. Frequently, a security camera to see the caller or the gate is installed with this feature. This allows the owner inside the property to see who is outside before opening the gates.

Talk to electric gate experts

Fortunately, electric gates are custom-built to perfectly fit the unique characteristics and requirements of your property. It is highly recommended that you consult experts in electric gates manufacturing and installation and that they survey your property beforehand for precision in measurements and design.

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