CCTV will Round Off Your New Gate and Fencing Security Solutions

New Gate and Fencing Security SolutionsNew Gate and Fencing Security Solutions

TPS Gates and Doors Ltd. have a strong reputation for installing wooden gates, electric gates and metal gates, along with electric garage doors and fencing. However this company is almost the complete external security specialist as they also fit external CCTV around your property to fit the final piece in the home security jigsaw puzzle. For many years TPS Gates and Doors Ltd. have been fitting wooden gates, metal gates and electric gates, along with timber and metal fencing. Electric garage doors add to the security measures, and yet there is nothing more off-putting to a would-be thief than the sight of a video surveillance or CCTV camera staring straight at them. Knowing their image has already been recoded means the chances of them risking doing anything against the law are severely diminished, if not totally extinguished.

Despite the name, TPS Gates and Doors Ltd. are happy to discuss CCTV installation as a stand-alone project for your home, so don’t feel that you have to buy a new wooden gate, metal gate or electric gate, or even an electric garage door before they will consider helping you out. With options from the previously mentioned clearly visible deterrent to the more covert PIR type surveillance camera installed inside your garage, there are plenty of other choices available. In addition there is also the opportunity to attach video surveillance to your entrance gates to act as an additional security measure. Of course the best thing to do is just give a call to TPS Gates and Doors Ltd. and ask them to come out and discuss your options. They have great ideas and a variety of solutions geared toward your security that you may not have even thought of.