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What matters when choosing a new electric gate

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Choosing A New Electric Gate

Deciding on what new gate you want to install is not just a case of looking at pictures and deciding which style of gate appeals you most. Here at TPS Electric Gates and Doors Ltd, we have encountered innumerable situations where the initial choice of gate has been changed as a result of more comprehensive thought being put into the type of gate required.

As an example, while and ornate wrought iron electric gate may have tremendous kerbside appeal, it is not exactly the perfect style if you want to maximise the privacy element. Here you may do better to consider a timber fully-panelled gate to stop prying eyes from peering in. It is curious to note that while we think our house may look great through our new gates, we forget that everybody else can see in too.

So what do we think are the most important points to take into consideration when choosing new electric gates:

To begin with, having electric gates installed that are in keeping and in character with your property is always a good idea, while also taking into account the overall immediate environment of your location. You should then look at the actual site of the gates and whether sliding or swinging gates would be more suitable. Don’t forget that traditionally, swinging gates open inwards which is a problem if you have a sloping driveway up to your house.

While you may be installing new gates to improve the overall security of your property, if your location is prone to a high level of vandalism and especially graffiti, it may be better to consider wrought iron gates as opposed to wooden panelled ones where a fresh new surface will be almost too irresistible. From the security aspect, wrought iron gates are just as effective as wooden ones.

One thing that must be seriously taken into consideration is whether or not you will require planning permission if you are having new gates installed from scratch, and especially if you are creating a new access to a property. Not only will the local authority need to be involved but also the Highways Authority. Here at TPS we like to provide a comprehensive professional service which extends way beyond the installation of electric gates.

Having established what permissions may or may not be required and then installing your new gates, we don’t then abandon you. We want to make sure that the life of your new gates is as long as possible and where we have installed electric gate openings we are also very happy to provide you with a regular maintenance contract to ensure they work perfectly all year round. There could be nothing worse than coming home on a wet and windy winter’s evening only to be confronted by a pair of gates that need to be opened manually!

To find out more about having new gates installed on your property why not give us a call here at TPS and we will be more than happy to come out and give you a free and no obligation quote.