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What to look for in a credible automated gate provider.

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Having any kind of construction or maintenance work completed in your home can be a stressful, drawn-out, and sometimes expensive process. When having an automated gate installed, it is vital that you find the right company for the job, as this could impact the health and safety of your family, the accessibility of your property, and it’s overall curb appeal.

By following these 8 simple steps, you can be sure that you find a reliable and experienced company to design and install your automated gate quickly and at an affordable price.

1. Accreditations

Industry accreditations confirm that the company you’re looking to hire comply with strict safety, production, and installation regulations. If a company doesn’t display any associated accreditations on their website, social media, or business literature, then they may not have any, to begin with.

Ultimately, an accredited company will be a company you can trust to complete the task at hand, therefore you should never proceed with anyone that cannot provide evidence of this. Not only could it result in poor craftsmanship and unreasonable prices, but it could also impact the health and safety of your family.

2. Testimonials

For the best possible service, go with a company you can trust. How do you know you can trust them? They’ll often proudly display the testimonials of their previous clients, either on their website or social media. Many companies will also provide case studies of previous work, which will include a comment from the customer. If they are active on social media, you may also find that clients comment on their profiles regarding any completed work. If it all looks positive then you’re on to a winner.

3. Knowledge of staff throughout the business

An experienced and knowledgeable business will understand that different clients will have different knowledge levels about the task at hand, and will take the time to thoroughly explain the process while also being on hand to offer advice and answer questions. A less than reliable company may try to confuse you by reeling off incomprehensible jargon.

4. Attitude and approach

A positive attitude can really go a long way, and this is even more important when looking to hire a business to install something as important as an automated gate. There are some key traits that you should look for that will indicate an overall positive approach to the job. If the company is responsive, you can trust they will be on hand to answer questions and offer support. If questions are answered with informative and understandable responses, you’ll know they have the necessary experience to complete the work.

5. Health and Safety protocols

Health and safety is vital for any construction project, but how can you tell that it is an important consideration to your chosen company? If they are willing to discuss health and safety protocols, then it is clear that they take the issue seriously. Discussion of health and safety dedication and accreditation on their website or social media will also highlight this.

6. Maintenance and Warranty

An installation service shouldn’t stop once the gate is completed. With the reassurance of a warranty and maintenance package, you know that the company you’ve chosen will still be around to keep things running smoothly. Before agreeing to hire them, it’s always worth asking what maintenance and warranty package is available.

7. Price

Finally, price should always be an important consideration. It’s important that the product is good value in relation to what you are being offered, but that doesn’t mean you should go for the cheapest option. A higher cost will mean a higher quality service, but it’s always important to ask for a full breakdown of what you’re paying for.

TPS Electric Gates is an industry accredited automated gate installation company, with a focus on customer service and satisfaction every step of the way. For a quality service, from a company, you can trust, contact the team on 01594 840 408.