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Deciding to install a new high-quality entrance gate to your property is the easy part of the equation. The harder part is deciding what will be the best choice, a wooden gate or a metal gate. Much of the decision will boil down to visual appeal as, contrary to popular belief, metal gates require just as much maintenance as wooden gates. At TPS here in Bath we have been installing wooden gates and metal gates in all varieties of location and situation, not just for residential but also commercial properties. Not only do we offer a full installation service, but we don’t then abandon you afterwards. While all our wooden gates and metal gates can be fitted to operate manually or automatically, regular maintenance and servicing is important to ensure you achieve maximum lifespan from your investment. Believe it or not, we can even install and maintain solar panel operated wooden gates or metal gates where it would be too costly to install a mains electric feed.

At TPS in Bath we have access to a comprehensive range of the finest wooden gates and metal gates available, and gates to suit every budget. Whether it is in Bath itself, or in any of the outlying towns and villages, we can point you in the direction of numerous wooden gates and metal gates we have fitted over the years so that you can get a better idea of our workmanship than you can simply by looking at a brochure. We offer a comprehensive and free estimating service to help you decide on what type of entrance gate would suit you best and as we are always about and about in your area, it would be no trouble to call by and introduce ourselves. If you live in any of the following towns or villages, as well as Bath, then please feel free to call us at any time: