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The reasons for needing a new wooden gate or metal gate for your property may be numerous, but only three criteria matter when making your final choice – style, quality and price. At TPS we have been in the business of installing quality wooden gates and stylish metal gates for enough years to know what matters most to our customers in Cheltenham and surrounding areas, and we do our utmost to ensure that each of these criteria are met. We are well known for the installation of wooden gates in Cheltenham on both new developments and existing properties undergoing upgrading, as well as fitting metal gates in Cheltenham on commercial premises for added security.

Of course the final choice of gate depends on a number of factors, including the age and style of property, the nature of existing boundaries surrounding your property, and also the space available. So often we find clients explore the option of either a swinging metal gate or hinged wooden gate, only to realise that once a car is parked on their property, perhaps in a courtyard, they can’t then close the gates. We are all so blinkered to the fact that most wooden gates and metal gates comprise two equal halves that swing open and shut, and as a consequence they need clear space to operate successfully. However gates don’t have to swing – you can have a sliding gate, and for many of you that is the simple yet incredibly effective solution to a common problem.

TPS have a very sound reputation for fitting wooden gates and metal gates in and around Cheltenham and not only can we provide you with as many images of gates you might need to make an informed decision, but we can point you in the direction of a number of wooden gates, metal gates and sliding gates we have fitted that you can inspect to gauge the quality of the gate itself and our workmanship as well.

From our base in Cheltenham, we cover a wide surrounding area, including:

If you want to know more, just get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your needs. You may also rest assured we do not employ high-pressure salesmen as we believe in the quality of our gates, the standard of workforce, and the competitive prices we can offer you.