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TPS are a very well established business operating in and around Bristol with a very fine reputation for installing the very best wooden gates and metal gates in both residential and commercial properties. A combination of many years’ experience together with a wide range of wooden gates and metal gates at very competitive process makes us an extremely popular choice. Throughout Bristol there are numerous examples of wooden gates and metal gates fitted by us and often it can be easier to get an idea of what you are investing in if you can see one in real life rather than just looking at a brochure. Of course we aren’t just restricted to Bristol, we cover all outlying towns and villages, as well as operating across Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Avon, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Herefordshire. Our business has been built up on high standards and word-of-mouth recommendation, standards that we strive as hard to maintain today as we did at the very beginning.

Of course choosing the right wooden gate or metal gate may require some professional guidance, especially when it comes to establishing the support pillars most suitable for wooden gates and metal gates. These pillars can vary from timber, through brickwork, to solid granite, depending on the style and composition of the gate you have chosen. Whether a wooden gate or a metal gate the aim is to get it to look impressive, without dominating its environment. At TPS we believe that a gate should be able to stand proud on its own rather than have to hit you between the eyes when you see it. It is a question of understated class where our wooden gates and metal gates are concerned.

So, if you live in Bristol or any of the towns and villages listed below, feel free to call us and ask us to come out and give you some ideas for new entrance gates to your home. We offer this as a free service and we don’t employ high-pressure salespersons as we believe all our gates speak for themselves!