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Automatic VS Manual Gates: Gate System To Choose For Your Property

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Your visitors are likely to set their first impression of your home based on your property gate. A well thought of driveway gate could wow guests and keep out trespassers, solicitors and determined intruders at the same time. Additionally, the benefits your property gate could offer heavily depend on what type you will choose. Thanks to the increasing development of technology, we are now capable of choosing between a manual and an automated or electric gate.

Whether you are seeking a gate for commercial or residential use, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration and one of the biggest decisions you have to make is whether you need an automatic gate or a manual gate. The choice between automatic driveway gates and manual gates is usually just a matter of convenience.

See their differences below to help you consider the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Manual gates

Manual gates don’t use any electronics and are only operated by hand, plus they come with locks to be manually latched and unlatched by a person. However, once the lock is picked or broken, nothing stops the gates from opening.

Even though manual gates are traditional by operation, they come with plenty of styles and can be customised according to your preference. If you choose to opt for a manual gate, sliding gates are perfect as the track and rollers give them extra stability. Additionally, it’s easier to force open swinging gates than sliding gates because of the design differences.

With the absence of electronic features, a manual gate will be more affordable and easier to maintain than automatic gates.

Automatic gates

Before, the use of automatic gates were considered suitable only for mansion type properties. Today, as technology and electronics become part of our everyday lives, automatic gate systems are now being installed in homes of all sizes and price ranges, providing better security and enhancing aesthetics of the property.

The main advantage of an automatic gate over manual is convenience as the former is operated by motor. By using an automated gate system, homeowners no longer have to be bothered with getting in and out of the car to open the gates each time they leave or return to their home. Automated gates also provide convenience having the option to stay in your vehicle at all times and not having to expose yourself to inclement weather. Most importantly, automatic gates minimise the risk of being mugged by robbers who can pick locks.

The most common types of electric gates are:

If you opt for automated gates, remember to regularly check the safety of your electric supply since a consistent source of energy is required to keep these gates to perform smoothly.

The cost of automatic gates varies widely depending on material, design and size. If budget permits, additional security features can also be added such as key-operated switches, sensors to detect cars or digital keypads that require input before opening.

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