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An hour here will save a day later on when maintaining your garden gates

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Maintaining Your Garden Gates

Here at TPS Gates & Doors we enjoy replacing and installing quality garden gates and we are fortunate that at the end of the day and we look back at our handiwork, we get a tremendous amount of job satisfaction. We are extremely proud of the quality of our gates and doors and is extremely enjoyable when we drive around our area of operation, which includes Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Chepstow, Newport, Clevedon and surrounding areas, and we see gates we have fitted anything up to twenty years ago! The number is growing and the frequency of spotting our gates is increasing…..

However what we also notice is the difference in maintenance schedules that have been adopted for our gates, so we would like to give you some advice. Our gates are designed to last, but there is only so much a gate can deal with before maintenance and an overhaul is required. However this can be time consuming and to a degree, costly, if left for too long. As a consequence we would strongly recommend a couple of options to make sure you get the very best out of your new gates.

In our experience an hour of general maintenance will save a day of upkeep down the line. Now depending on your situation, how much spare time you have, and how ‘handy’ you are as a handyman, you may be able to do the work yourself, or you may like us to take on a regular maintenance contract. Of course we offer an after sales service which will cover you in the unlikely event of any faults or defects, but it does not cover general maintenance and upkeep. As a consequence we feel it is important just to keep on top of any maintenance schedule.

For a start keep the gates clean. If metal gates then a wash once every couple of months with warm water, a soft brush and a drop of fungicide which will stop any green lichen forming on the gates, especially over winter and the spring. For wooden gates we recommend using a medium-to-soft brush to clean the surfaces again every couple of months. Both these tasks should take no longer than 30 minutes, but will save you considerable time later on. In an article in the Daily Telegraph, they state that “Poorly maintained gates that clunk open, jam or scrape their way slowly across your drive will detract from the property’s value. There is no doubt, however, that a beautiful gate, made to order and sympathetic to its surroundings, will add value to the house, whether it is automated or not.”

So there you also have your incentive to maintain those gates, and doing so need not be an extra hassle. Here at TPS Gates & Doors we will always happily advise you how best to maintain any metal gates or wooden gates we install for you to ensure they last as long as possible, and that they will good all the time. So why not give us a call and we’ll be very happy to pop out and provide you with a very accurate free survey and quotation for any style of gates you want to have fitted.