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If you are in two minds about fitting garden gates, this may help you

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Fitting Garden Gates

In an article in the Independent newspaper, it states that when it comes to carrying out improvements to your home that will add value, “If you live in an area where parking is costly, concreting a front garden will require planning permission and could cost £10,000 or more, but it could add double this in value in some cities” Now one of the important things to add to this is that if you can make that parking secure, either with wooden gates or metal gates, then that will further increase the value of your home. When you think about it, installing gates makes a lot of sense as creating off-street parking opens up the front of your property, so redressing the balance with some sturdy secure gates is logical. In major cities such as Bristol the demand for off-street parking is on the increase, so this is an area to considering investing in, either for your own personal benefit, or with a view to improving both the value and saleability of your home.

Now the next scenario may be one which is all too common, and that is that you already have existing garden gates, but you never use them because they are falling off their hinges. It is remarkable how human nature is such that if we don’t fix or improve something almost immediately, we are very likely to put up with it for years to come. This definitely applies to both metal gates and wooden gates, but it needn’t! One quick phone call to us here at TPD Gates & Doors and that situation can change in next to no time, and at a price that you will be pleasantly surprised at.

We have been invited out to more properties with gates that were well past their sell by date than we can remember, and invariably when we have replaced them with our own quality purpose-fitted gates, the reaction from our happy clients is usually the same – “We should have done this years ago!” However to us here at TPS Gates & Doors comments like that are music to our ears and nothing gives us more satisfaction than leaving clients with gates they are truly pleased with. You would be surprised just how much difference new metal gates or wooden gates can make to the overall feel of your home.

Finally there comes the safety and security aspect that the installation of new garden gates will afford you. Opportunist thieves are everywhere. They are not the type of thief who determinedly goes out with the sole intention of carrying out a burglary. Instead they are just someone who has no consideration for other people and who sees nothing wrong with stealing something if it is easy and they can escape quickly. They live on the premise that whatever they steal can be replaced by an insurance payout and have no thought for the emotional cost to anyone they steal from. Many items stolen are of sentimental value and are irreplaceable, so your best bet to deal with these people is to take away the element of opportunism and keep them out of your garden and from wandering around to see if you have left a door or window open. Our gates will look wonderful to you, while to others they will hate to see them!